Ideas, Old Frames and

The best ideas always come during a swim. I arrived at the pool uninspired. I left with half a dozen decent ideas scribbled down on my notepad.

Now to find the time to implement them…

The ride back to base was far better than yesterday.

The pelaton of the local 40+ cycling group majestically passed me in the opposite direction. You can probably add on another score for the average age of the group.

There was classic cycling tops to match the classic frames.

I even had a “Chapeau!’ moment with the old boys.

I had a little breathing space mid-morning ahead of the work shifts. I whacked out some content on my page, and then put in the redirect from the newly bought

It’s not perfect, but it will do for now.

I’m finding that I get most of my possible work leads via of late. I’m not sure why; prior to the bodge job of this morning, the content was a little sparse.

It’s not even as though the magic Google juice pimps out jason+cobb to I quite like it as an online CV though.

And then work / cricket / booze in that order.

The mad cat was charming company all day.


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