I rolled out on the road bike for the first time this morning since my mechanical tinkerings of last week. I was slightly nervous, half expecting the frame to self combust.

I’m no bicycle mechanic. But needs must when you are running off a tight budget.

The cassette lockring on the rear wheel had become loose whilst out on a semi-serious ride. My quick fix involved loosening the brakes, removing the wheel, deflating the tyre, tightening up the lockring and then spending an hour os so putting it all back together again.

I’ve got another Tour de Norfolk planned for the weekend. I wanted to gently ease the road bike back into the routine ahead of the serious miles to come.

I took the not so scenic route towards the pool. A couple of mild climbs, and all seemed fine.

Just wait until I’m miles from any civilisation out in North Norfolk.

Closer to home and I almost came a cropper.

Some arsewipe of a motorist drove straight at me, attempting to overtake a bus that had pulled over. I had to act quick - decleat, and physically lift my road bike onto the pavement.


A queue of half a dozen other drivers had the common decency to wait behind the bus whilst passengers boarded. But this knobber decided to take over the opposite side of the road, the space that wasn’t his.

I signaled in his direction as I was left stranded on the pavement, and then gave a much more courteous gesture to the car drivers who had the common sense to wait.

I managed to calm down with a little route planning for Le Tour de Norfolk. The more obscure backroads, the better.

Elsewhere and it’s getting round to that time of year when the majority of my domains are in need of renewal. I went through a spending spree many years ago, buying up what I thought might be useful domains in years to come.

The nagging renewal emails started to arrive mid-morning.


I’m happy to let some slip through and make way for the Pr0n squatters. Others that I currently use obviously need renewing. And then there’s the shhh, hush hush ones that are simply online projects waiting to happen.

One thing that I did manage to achieve today was to gain control of

Some chancer from Colchester had bought it up, squatting on it for gawd knows what reason.

Nice try, fella.

I now have it back under control and have rather predictably pointed it towards my page (which is in deperate need of a re-design btw…)

Gregory Porter kept me company for the afternoon shifts. What a man. What a voice. What a beard.

I’m two weeks into my current growth. I’m hoping that it will have a Samsung like quality that also gives me a Greogry style growl of a voice.


I finished off the day with some school planning. It seems like you’re wishing the days away when you find yourself diary planning for the summer term 2015.

But yep - my diary is now a paragon of school commitments.

Head Boy.

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