Old School Saturday

I planted some flowers in the front garden of the flat. I've no idea what they are. Anna simply gave them to me with instructions to put in place some roots.

They have been transported from Essex down to South London.

Now there's a story for you.

I had a few errands to run around town. Brixton was... buzzing.

South London summers really are the best.

I had a short gap in-between domestic chores and Dulwich Hamlet for a brief lovely lido dip.

It was absolutely stunning.

There was very much an old school lido feel on Saturday afternoon. It reminded me of the late 90's lido life. London empties during the month of August, leaving a lido where there is room to breathe - and swim.

I've blogged before as to how this is my absolute favourite time down at the waters of Lake Brockwell. I recall Transpontine summers where Saturday afternoons have a definite South London chill.

This afternoon was a resurrection of that feeling.

I only had time for twelve lengths. The water felt rich as I cut my way through it.

I don't think that this was down to the kiddie piss.

Next stop: Dulwich.

Oh Lordy.

The pre-season has been a painful one. The climax in which Dulwich ended the last campaign has led to a tremendous anticipation for what is to come.

It's not so much the delightful football down at Champion Hill, but the unexplainable phenomenon of what is happening behind the goal.

Saturday was a bit of a slow burner, but The Rabble soon got warmed up.

I'll bash out a photo piece for Brixton Buzz in the morning, but the spoiler is Dulwich 3, Harrow 2.

I think?

In true Crap Match Report tradition, we left the ground half-thinking that it was Dulwich 3, Harrow 3.


I smiled an awful lot.

I climbed Dog Kennel Hill on the Raleigh 20 en route back to Sunny Stockwell.


That was tough.

In seasons gone by I have effortlessly reached the peak on a fixie. I blame it on the Raleigh 20 tyre pressure.

Cruising down to Camberwell at the peak of the climb was the reward.

And then early Saturday evening and the shout went out of:

"To Maze Hill!"

Oh Lordy.

The occasion of @Darryl1974's 40th was worth the trip out to the South East. I was actually rather impressed with the journey time - 40 mins max from Stockwell with the Northern Line to Ldn Bridge, and then a mainline out east.

Booze flowed, blogs were dissected.

An ACE end to an even better day.

Seen that Transpontine weather forecast for tomorrow?

Who fancies a King of Clap'ham run?

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