Flakey Friday

A tired, tired early morning swim.

Even the bicycle ride in was sluggish. I came close to turning around before I even arrived at the pool.

Water bound and I suffered from Shit Goggle Syndrome. I’ve tried everything, but they still take in more water than they keep out.

I’m tempted to go down the @mutley69 route of blinged up swimming goggles.

And so forty lengths, thanks but no thanks.

Some Duran Duran shit was being pumped out of the speakers in the changing rooms. This is one of my swimming woes. Why do pools feel the need to pump out crap whilst you are toweling yourself down? What does it add to the experience?

The irony of the self-confessed poolside porn star blow drying his hair to the soundtrack of Rio didn’t go unnoticed.

Lido Days tomorrow, Comrades :blush:

A ROCK ’N’ ROLL morning of gardening followed.

A rolling stone gathers no moss etc, but scraping away between the patio gaps is my least favourite green fingered activity.

The four-fer with @RobertElms was fantastic. It was Weller solo period, not my prefered time period from yer man.

But yeah - he’s still bloody ACE.

What was quite revealing was that all four choices were from females.

Sunflower, You Do Something to Me, Dragonfly and Wildwood to wind things up.

High tide, mid afternoon,

People fly by, in the traffic boom.

The early Weller solo period is perfect for hot summer afternoons. I downed tools, turned up the headphones and simply smiled for half an hour.

Work shifts, football and ironing all followed.

The CRAZY world of rock 'n' Roll etc.

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