Pay to Play

There was a flipping cheater in the fast lane for the morning swim. The middle-aged fella got in just after me, but soon started to double up on my ‘energetic’ speed.

Something wasn’t right.

He had the body of wimp, yet the swimming speed of an Olympic athlete.

The flipping cheater was wearing flippers. I cursed his approach to a leisurely swim, and hoped that he would develop ankles the size of cow pats.

In Hedgetrimmer News: I bought a hedgetrimmer today.

That nice old Porto fella who use to trim our side of the hedge is sadly no longer around. The flats next door are rented out at such an over-inflated price that a hedgetrimmer is probably low down on the list of priorities.

I’m rather excited about starting with the first trim.

I clocked a Moulton Speed on the cycle back to base. I almost crashed on my MTB, such was the wonderment of seeing an old fella effortlessly rolling along on one of the most gracious bicycles ever manufactured.

The spending continued. A rather hefty weighted work discount scheme led me to finally giving in and buying a new MacBook Air.


I’ve been operating off my 2007 10.5.8 (!) model with no real complications up until recently. My ethos for all tech is to maintain it until it gives up maintaining you.

Everything is backed up; it has been filling my tech needs as a semi-powerful mobile machine for on the road work and play requirements.

But over the past few weeks the standards have started to slip. The software is simply too powerful for the hardware. I have calculated that I am running at about 40% of my capacity, due to various functionality issues.

So yeah - the work discount scheme led me to buying a new MacBook Air late in the day.

Oh the irony of a work-subsidised scheme that means that I will need to take on extra work shifts in order to pay for it.

It will certainly mean a different approach to the way that I process the content that I produce. I haven’t changed my video, audio or image editing techniques since around 2010.

Outdated versions of iMovie, Audacity and Photoshop perform the tasks that I want them to.

I quite like the excitement of finding new ways of working, but I just want to get up and running and carry on doing the twaddle that I do.

Which for Thursday afternoon and evening was... work.

Pay to play.

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