Routine Treadmill

A morning spent cloudbusting and waiting for the downpour to pass over.

It never did of course.

I simply refuse to ride out in the rain. It's no good for my bikes and it's no fun. Running is a different matter however.

I made the decision ahead of the work shifts to go for a trot. I was all laced up and ready to pound the mean streets when the drizzle became yet another downpour.


The pounding of my feet soon became the tapping on the keyboard. I bashed out a quartet of hit and miss Brixton Buzz stories instead.

Eventually I managed to make it outside. This was my first run in around a month or so.

I was convinced that the calves would seize up, or the knackered knee would snap.

Not so.

It was a steady pace, and also painfully sticky. I timed it so that the rain was just starting to evaporate off the pavements as the humid weather took hold.

I'm on the same work shift patterns all week this week - a rarity indeed. I usually quite like the randomness of unpredictability.

But while there is a lot of other stuff taking place here and there, a little bit of routine is good.

I downed tools just after 8, and then settled down for the final 10 overs or so of the cricket.

I'm really enjoying the return to the 50 over format for the domestic teams. There's sufficient time to play around with your tactics, yet there almost always seems to be a tense finish.

A man of routine - more of the same tomorrow.

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