Thursday Foot Stomper

I foolishly started the day attempting to race Emma Fitness [REAL NAME!] in the fast lane. The elite athlete at least lives up to her naming rights.

She has such a smooth turn around at the end of each length. I was just about closing the gap with my manly pull [yeah, yeah,] but then she was speeding away again come the kicking off time.

My arthritic knee gave me an unwelcome twinge of a reminder towards the end of the 50 lengths that it was time to wring out the trunks.

The showers smelt of piss.

Or perhaps it was just me?

Back at base and the raspberries continue to astonish / fill me with an appetite apathy.

When will the buggers bloody stop growing?

All it takes is a couple of hours in the early morning sun for the green raspberries to ripen. I'm convinced that the Thursday morning harvest will be the last. I said the same thing this time last week.

I had something of a de-cluttering morning. They seem to come around whenever I feel that I’m drowning in options.

I like simplicity.

The pile of unread Private Eyes dating back to over two years ago by the side of the toilet?


The suit jackets with a 44inch chest bought during the days when my diet was a little laissez faire?


A desktop folder full of downloaded movies that I know I will just never get round to watching?


Actually that’s not all true.

I have a de-cluttering hierarchy that reads: keep / sell / give away / bin. The cat wandered into the office at the height of the de-cluttering confusion. My hierarchy of options was suddenly reduced.

The Motown Cover to Cover with @RobertElms helped to recharge the working batteries post the luncheon slump. The Supremes Vs the Northern Soul stomp of Donnie Elbert.

I simply love this song and confess to a bit of office dancing in the afternoon.

Soft Cell would have been in with a shout if I had my way, mind.

In the end It Woz Donny Wot Won It with yer man @RobertElms.

No arguments here.

Work hat back on and most of the day was spent working with Conversations. The switch from Conversocial is more than just a brand thing.

The tool now pulls up… conversations across different platforms, and not just original postings. It’s also a browser memory hog, leading to endless crashing mid-shift.

The Motown music was much needed to ease me through.

I recorded METROKNOBBERS with Darryl later in the day, and then cricket highlights drew the evening to a close.

I'm starting to get VERY excited about the T20 Quarters at The Oval on Saturday.

C'mon the 'rrey!

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