Midweek Wobbler

A rare moment of cycling equilibrium - all of my bicycles are currently fully serviced and fault free.


I’ve actually cut down on the fleet this year, selling three of my vintage Moultons; that leaves four bicycles for varying purposes.

You always seem to find though that there is a minor fault with at least one bicycle at any one time. With the return of the fully serviced MTB last night, all four seem to be running to perfection.

And so I rolled out this morning back on the Trail and back on the MTB. I’d forgotten how slow this route is compared to the ‘long’ way round on the pacey road bike.

I think that I actually prefer the longer trek with the drop down handlebars et al. There is nothing gracious about a TANK of a MTB.

Destination reached and it was only the bloody aqua aerobics in the pool. My timetable reading is poor.

The music blasting out of the poolside speakers was a bloody racket. It was like Ibiza for the Saga generation as the roly poly ladies went through their aqua twaddle to the sound of some cheesy OAP techno.

I hid my head under the water for 50 lengths and managed to block it all out.

The changing room conversation was as silly as ever:

“Does Dudley still come here?”

“Sorry, not sure who you mean.”

“You know, Dudley Moore!”

“Um, no. He’s dead isn't he?”

"Yeah, but the chap who looks like Dudley Moore."

So not Dudley Moore, then.

Back at base I got bored waiting for the beast that is Essex County Council to get its collective arse in gear and publish the results of the Wivenhoe cycle path consultation.

The consultation was carried out towards the end of last year. We have been told that the most costly option received the most support from the public. We haven’t been able to access this data.

The suspicion remains that the high cost option emerged as the favourite, allowing the politicos to wriggle out of the Wivenhoe path on account of the cost.

We’ll see.

In Raspberry News: there is no end to the buggers. It will be raspberries for Christmas dinner at this rate.

I had a stretch of work training after luncheon. Always a little intimidating, especially so when it involves screen sharing on the other side of the world. I’m not sure what my colleague thought of some of the non-work screen docs saved to my desktop.

A time trial was called for once again as part of the sandwich filler for the afternoon / evening work shift.

I felt strong rolling out, until halfway round and my gears had a bit of a wobbler. I persisted, but soon the clattering became too much.

The rear wheel locked and I was left stranded by the side of the road, no tool kit, and a work shift due to start in a half an hour.

And then a Good Samaritan lycra lad stopped and gave me assistance. He identified instantly that my cassette nut had become loose. So much so that it was jamming against the hub.

A bit of a bodge job later and I was ready to roll out once again. The time trial was reduced, but I made it back to base just in time for the work clocking on.

Never underestimate the Good Samaritan in a man wearing lycra.

(But what was I saying about bicycling equilibrium?)

I ended the day dead heading in the garden.

Which is pretty much how I feel myself right now.

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