Tuesday Toil

A glorious estuary golden day.

And so I was stuck inside working.

Hey hoe.

Gotta pay to play, etc,

Cricket commentary kept me company. The mad cat found the micro wind tunnel between the two windows in the loft bedroom. I didn’t see her all day.

Inspired by a Time Out piece, I tired yet again with Television’s Marquee Moon to carry me through the late afternoon shift.

Sorry. I still just don’t get it.

Come the end of the working day and I was too tired to attempt anything other than drink tea and read. That shhh John Major autobiog is almost complete. Still no mention of Edwina, mind.

A recent FoI was promptly responded to.

Cheers, chaps.

I found it interesting that the answer appeared to have been written second guessing the Knight’s Hill and Gipsy Hill stories that I have been working on.

Far from it, Comrades.

This FoI was filed in relation to a completely different story that I have been been sniffing out over the past few weeks.

I’m satisfied with the FoI response, and probably satisfied that I really shouldn’t take the story any further. I did feel slightly uncomfortable with the details of the alleged incident.

My MTB was returned late evening after an annual service, along with Anna’s hybrid. I’ve not been out on the Trail for a couple of months now, and so look forward to the roll out tomorrow morning.

I bought Lloyd’s Please Look After This Englishman as my latest bedtime reading.

John Major doesn’t suit the bedroom ambience.

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