Monday Moments

A satisfactory but sore early morning swim. My right hand side was still hurting from the bike crash of Saturday morning.

Oh woe is me, etc.

I was soaked during a two minute micro-climate downpour on the ride home.

Silence was the soundtrack for my working day. Sometimes I need complete serenity if I have to focus on something particularly fiddly. The start of the week was a series of fiddly work shifts…

But yeah - the new @Conversocial looks rather ACE.

I turned on, tuned in and dropped out of the work fiddles briefly after luncheon. Yer man @RobertElms had an interview with a chap from the Black Cultural Archives. A superb piece of S Ldn listening.

I can’t wait to visit the BCA for the first time. I’ve decided though to wait a short while until all the hype has died down.

The building does look majestically wonderful in Windrush Square right now.

Some legal household ‘stuff’ made Anna and I chuckle late in the afternoon, aka being a cheeky f-er. Nice try, fella, but not a chuffing chance.

The planned early evening roll out was cancelled. My bike, my lycra, my bones - all were still soaking. I was in no mood to put in some serious miles.

The evening instead was taken up with pasta, cricket and playing with the cat.

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