Action Man

A new route for the Wifey Weekend Roll Out. We've made the decision not to roll down Tenpenny Hill again, yet this was still a nervy ride following the fall of yesterday. It wasn't helped by half the roads around the Tendring Peninsula being covered in gravel.

We made it back to base in one piece just ahead of a light rain shower.

The canoes came next.

What a revolutionary little paddle.

It's all about the wheels.

We bought some canoe trolleys three summers ago. They were crap.

Various straps and ties were tried to attach them to the base of the canoes. Ten metre down the road and the canoes simply collapse on top of the trolleys.

Carrying two canoes down to the Quay is no fun.

I decided to give it one final try on Sunday morning. How about we simply balance the trolleys on the base of the canoe with no straps, seesaw style?


We forgot the life jackets in all the excitement.

We were about one hour ahead of high water as we launched. We battled against an incoming tide and somehow made it almost all the way to Brightlingsea.

It was quite magical seeing parts of the coastline that are hidden away from any footpath access.

Time and tide etc, and so we cut short the full Brightlingsea exploration and started to paddle back in.

We were with the water for about ten minutes or so and picked up a tremendous pace.

And then almost instantly, the tide started to turn and we were left battling against the flow once again for the run in.

We managed to catch a magnificent sight of the cormorant, proudly sitting on top of some riverside pole, surveying his estuary scene.

I made my crappy cormorant / korma joke once again.

Anna kept on paddling.

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