Finding Stories and the Friday Funk

I had a lane to myself for the morning swim. It was ACE.

Swimming is the most selfish of activities. It is just you and the water, submerging into a dreamy spiritual state as you ease yourself into the working day.

I was still hungover of course.

Completely out of the blue, the legwork that I have been putting in all week for my biggie story finally paid off - confirmation that a second case of electoral fraud is now being investigated in Lambeth.

I couldn’t publish the full story, but it was good to get confirmation after all the work I’ve put into this.

And then right at the end of the day this particular strand of the story came to a close with the Met contacting me to say that no charges will be brought.

The general theme of the story has got a hell of a lot more legs left in it. I keep on digging and finding something that makes you go GOSH.

Back in the Badlands and the by-election that never was seems to be back on again. Except it won't be.

The Town Clerk contacted me demanding that I remove a post on the Wivenhoe Forum stating that the vacancy will be co-opted, rather than elected.

I simply posted up the response, rather than allow a civic administrator to try and micro-manage what appears on the forum.

An afternoon of emails followed...

I went out on a bit of white boy Funky Friday thing to get me through the workshift. It started with @RobertElms and the Tony Blackburn love in. This led to some some proper white boy soul from TSC and The Cost of Loving album. Which led to Working Week and then Blue Rondo A La Turk.

I changed from lycra and put on the white jeans and loafers for the full effect.

And then it was back to the lycra as Anna and I prepared for an early evening roll out. We were just about to get on the bikes when the estuary skies started to bruise.

We made the strategic decisions to stay indoors and get sloshed watching the cricket instead.

The weather stayed dry, even if we didn't.

Chin chin.

There's talk of an early morning ride out for breakfast on the beach tomorrow.


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