Batting , Sniggering Day

I messed around with Storify for the first time in ages early morning. Boy, it’s fiddly - but equally effective if you have the patience.

Not surprisingly my punt of a story from yesterday didn’t stack up. And neither did a second.


Hey hoe.

There is some definite truth in what I’m digging around with, but the technicalities are a little confusing. Hint: it involves border party co-operation, Comrades :wink:

Play it with a straight bat, etc.

Mr Fine Wine kept me company for most of the morning. I experimented with the relationship between music and productivity.

LateJunction is usually a lovely way to ease into the working day. But sometimes you just need a WOHHHHH!!

Downtown Soulville provided that at 8am this morning.

A morning of Brixton Buzz activity followed. GOLDEN DAYS OF THE S LDN BLOGOSPHERE, Comrades.

Never underestimate the benefits of a hyperlocal team.

I time trialled on the short, technical course (ha!) on the way to the pool for a lunchtime swim. It felt good and I smashed a few PBs on the empty road run in.

I decided there and then that I would become a pro bike rider. I reached that glorious cycling moment when you realise that you have run out of gears. Your body is powering along to perfection. This doesn’t happen very often for me.

The weird underwater butterfly backstroking man was putting the lengths in once again. Basically he swims a butterfly. But on his back. And underwater as well.

Fine effort, fella.

I plodded along and ticked off the required 40 lengths before time trialling back again. I was wetter when I reached home than what I was whilst underwater.

All of this heat in the office soon became a Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown afternoon. Sunshine and dub are the perfect bedfellows.

The afternoon provided some hyperlcoal entertainment around the work shifts.

‘Blog like there’s no one reading,’ as @lloyddavis might say…

It was the hyperlocal election that never was. A Town Cllr resigned. A Borough Cllr posted up an internal email on the Wivenhoe Forum. It expressed the view of the Town Council.

That view may or may not have been intended for the Little People to read.

The Town Council expressed the view that although democratically it is obliged to hold a by-election, it would rather ‘co-opt’ - choose a pal rather than elect.

The Borough Cllr then came grovelling to the mods asking for the post to be removed. The mods diligently observed the Terms of Use of the forum and edited, but did not remove completely.

And then the digital dinosaurs of the Town Council finally got its collective arse in gear and posted on its own b0rked website that a vacancy exists for co-option.

No mention of a democratic election.


I totally get the need to save £2k, the cost of staging a by-election. The Comrades back in Lambeth are also learning that by-elections can be a costly business.

But ffs - just get your online message clarified before allowing random pieces of information to leak out.

The modern interweb will catch up on you.

The evening was spent with @surreycricket away at The ‘Sex. As ever, Lords looked absolutely LOVELY.

It remains my lifelong ambition to retire and buy a flat at St John’s Wood.

Would never watch The ‘Sex mind. Only the ‘rrey twice a year.

BATTING DAY, most definitely Comrades.

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