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The legs felt like lead right from the first length this morning. I blame all that leg kicking from yesterday. A straight in, straight out type of swim. I could smell the stench of chlorine on my skin as I sweated away on the bike ride back to base.

In Wisteria News: Weird. It's starting to flower for the second time this summer. Mid-May is the normal time frame. I'm not complaining - a beautiful canopy of purple blossom, and a swarm of bees to add extra life.

The silly cat has been playing a little too close with the bees. We all know who is going to win that one.

Meanwhile the tomatoes have delivered their first harvest of the summer. It's got to be better than bloody raspberries (still growing by the day).

Mid-morning and The Postman Delivers: My new Brompton bag.


I’m already commuting with the front bag for the Brompton, but I have to take so much bloody stuff when I do a school hit and run visit.

I was getting slightly concerned that the weight of the MacBook, iPad, SLR, video camera, egg sarnies etc was doing some wobbly things to my front wheel spokes.

I’ve balanced the weight out now with a rear wheel bag.

Cycle touring ahoy!

It was a steaming hot day in which to be trapped inside the office. I'm reliant upon using my iMac for work stuff. We use an encrypted security system for various projects that my 2007 (!) MacBook just won't support. The days of garden freelancing have long gone.

Later in the day I did a lot of legwork on a story which I don’t think will actually stack up. Others around me are a more optimistic.

Legal issues...

I published METROKNOBBERS No.5 with Darryl, and then finished off the day by editing the content from SW9 towards the end of last week.

Only six more weeks until the start of the new term. I'm genuinely missing the place already.

Tomorrow is all about The 'Sex.

LOVE a Ldn t20 derby.

C'mon the 'rrey!

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