Forwards Ever, Backwards Never

A working morning with @surreycricket. Sad to see that the Skipper has gone. If I were a betting man then I'd wager that the England Captain will be joining him by tomorrow morning...

Most of Monday morning was spent sorting out some online photo licences. I pretty much have a share and share alike ethos for most of my online content.

Images however are different, especially so when it is an organisation that has a budget to buy in content.

As ever, you Pay the Writer / Snapper.

Work shifts took me through until early evening. It was a rarity of a working day where Anna, me and the mad cat were all 'working' together from home.

I thought that I had won the home office argument until the mad cat took up occupation.

We launched the Wivenhoe Forum 2.1 later in the evening.


It's been a huge drain on my time, but even more so on yer man @pmmikes. He has been an absolute star over recent weeks in putting back together all the coding crap that I have managed to cock up.

It's still not perfect - is code ever perfect? We're in for a rough ride but were left with no alternative. Support for 2.0 is being phased out. Adapt or fall down the back of the modern interweb settee.

I actually love what we've done with the design, mainly built around Bootstrap. It scales far better than the old theme, and also allows images to display with greater clarity.

If I thought that the build was the hard part, then I am under no illusions that convincing the online community to accept the changes will be an easy ride.

I actually miss the design of the old forum already, but it had served its purpose.

Forward ever, backwards never Comrades.

Last built: Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 3:12 AM

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