Challenging Tuesday

My fellow swimmer for the morning was a rather rotund lady who was wobbling more than she was swimming.

She underwent a remarkable swimming routine, which basically consisted of standing in the shallow end and doing a Harlem Shake for fifteen minutes, before heading off for a cold shower.

I tried to keep my underwater goggle gaze on the water stretch ahead of me.

My own swimming technique is undergoing a little bit of experimentation itself. Today I used my feet for the first time ever.


It works!

I powered through the final 20 lengths, and then felt all the stronger for the short climbs on the ride back to base.

I then went back to bed.

Only joking.

It was a BATTING DAY for Mr Meaker and a BATTING Day for Brixton Buzz. We’re on a chuffing roll right now. Once again: these are the Golden Days of the S Ldn Blogosphere, Comrades.

The boastfulness of an apolitical Council Officer was quite astounding.

These images that came to me via SE17 raised a smile shortly before luncheon.

Work and play then punctuated the day.

I was yelling at youtube (‘Creator Studio’ crap) for the former, and then having flickr frustration for the latter.

I have to live with the youtube ever changing tools as part of the work deal; flickr however has finally cracked me. I've lost patience completely in a platform that has been wobbling for the best part of five years now.

As for an alternative? All of my online images are stored there and I am reluctant to migrate elsewhere. I've got back ups of back ups of back ups of course. But I (did) like the ease of a cloud storage solution.

But it's well and truly b0rked.

I eased my frustration by watching the Essex slappers get knocked around the park by a lively Hampshire side.

A day of editing awaits come the morning.

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