I published the Country Show pics over at Brixton Buzz, and then we headed out for an early morning ride. After the craziness of the past couple of days the idea was to keep it calm with a leisurely roll out.

Cycling fantasies got the better of me. In an ironic gesture of Le Tour inspired cycling silliness, I zipped down my Brixton Cycles top so that I was riding bare chested.

It was meant as an act of extrovertness for the eyes of Anna only. I picked the one Sunday where every lane in Essex seemed to be swarming with cyclists.

I was cleated in and couldn't get my fingers and thumbs to fasten up the zip as we kept on moving. I looked like an absolute knobber.

We both managed to find our cycling legs for the second leg of the circuit. Anna commented that I had good balance from behind. She asked if I did ballet as a young boy.

I was about to make some wounded male pride comment, and then realised that I did figure skating instead.


We stopped off for a swim en route back to base to get cleaned up. Functional, rather than fun.

Luncheon was spent in the garden. The growth has been pretty spectacular whilst I have been away for the past week. The tomatoes have ripened and apples are starting to appear over the garden fence.

The raspberries are still going strong.

Oh joy.

Much of the afternoon was spent indoors head scratching over code.

I recorded #METROKOBBERS with Darryl later in the evening. I haven't had time to edit and publish it yet but it sounded half decent during the recording. By-elections, Job Centres and the Golden Days of the S Ldn Blogosphere all feature.

I'll try and post it up tomorrow.

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