Brockwell Boy

Another 5am start on Saturday morning - a combination of the South London storms and the anticipation of the Lambeth Country Show.

Actually I tell a lie.

There was a light drizzle when I awoke, but I was absolutely creaming it over the Country Show BONKERS-ness that was to come.

I had a stop / start bike ride to the lido. I hit a genuine thunder storm along Stockwell Road and took cover underneath a Porto cafe canopy.

I wasn't alone. I made friends with Ricky, a lively young chap who looked like he was still probably partying from the night before.

I made my excuses and carried on cycling in the rain.

The lido was actually closed. Any hint of lightning and it's EVERYBODY OUT!

With half an hour to spare ahead of the re-opening, I was treated to an 8:30am walk around Brockwell Park as the finishing touches were being put to the Country Show.

It was a genuinely calm and laid back atmosphere. It is this Transpontine spirit that somehow manages to carry through all the way until the end that make the Country Show so special.

I headed back to the lido and put the lengths in. Twenty was the target and twenty were ticked off.

It wasn't a great swim. The water is still incredibly cloudy. I couldn't see more than a metre ahead of me. What has become of the beautiful Brockwell blue where you can see one end of the pool to the other?

I caught up with @mutley69, just as yer man was finishing off with some not so dry diving. We talked about the rivers of urine situation in the gents. I didn't like to make the connection between this and the lack of clarity in the water.

BoysKeepSwimming is an ACE lido hashtag btw.

Back to base, and then back out to Brockwell again.


Saturday was all about the Country Show of course.

I'll blog in greater detail over there when time permits. The summary though is: ACE.

The Delegators were a particular highlight on the second stage. This might have had something to do with the Chucklehead.

I snapped away for Brixton Buzz. I met some lovely, lovely local people who were only too keen to pose for a photograph.

I finished off my Brockwell day in the same way in which I started; some lido double dipping didn't have any improvement on the quality of the water.

It was still LOVELY of course.

A day of publishing, both work and play, awaits tomorrow.

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