It's Been a Beautiful Day

It's been a beautiful day. I can't wait for tomorrow to come, Comrades.

I can't wait for the Lambeth Country Show...

But first of all, what about the 5am rain on Friday morning?

New roof (finally), new SPLITTER SPLATTER as the South London downpour awoke me at a rather early hour.

At least I was awoken by the noise, and not the drip drops on to the duvet as was the case pre-new roof.

No worries. Early bird and all that bollocks.

I worked through until 6:30am editing some photos from SE17 the day before: School play, Sports Day, Leaver's Assembly - they're all there.

I'm not claiming that they are artistic masterpieces in capturing the aesthetics of the egg and spoon race. But they do document the school moment there and then.

I've become incredibly well organised of late in archiving and tagging all of my online images. The eggs and spoon of 2014 may mean little now; it will be SE17 GOLD DUST in a decades time.


The early hour meant that I got to squeeze a few extra lovely lido lengths in for the first dip of the day.

Lake Brockwell was busy by 7:30am. The water was incredibly clear compared to 12 hours earlier. The magical Lido Fairy had clearly been around with a brush of blue water paint.

@katiekingswell did the usual powering past me. She swims with such a gracious style which is a joy to watch when submerged.

@oneeyegrey looked content doing his doggy paddle thing with the shades on.

I left Lake Brockwell with the joyous sound of Lido Peter serenading all in the showers with some operatic piece.

Somewhere in SW9 was next up on the agenda.

shhh - favourite school.

I'm absolutely loving it at Lansdowne this year. I can't quite explain specifically what it is that has made it such a joy to work there. The outstanding staff certainly help, as do the very special pupils.

It's certainly not the building, although the random corridors do add a certain charm.

It was another Phew Wot a Scorcher, but I somehow kept my cool.

Maths was a particular highlight. I'm no number cruncher, but I do enjoy immensely working with the pupils on a one-on-one basis and helping to solve a sum.

I think that it's the quantitative approach to my usual qualitative analysis that is the appeal. You are either right or wrong. I quite like that.

Boy Y quote of the day:

"We did some stuff about charities. I like the dog place."

He meant Battersea Dogs Home of course.

Late afternoon and I cycled the short journey over to Windrush Square. I wanted to capture what is left of the Urban Art street art.

It looked stunning.

It's such a shame that it can't find a permanent home in Windrush Square. It all just seems to fit in with the environment, adding a much needed backdrop to what should be the centre of Brixton.

And then it was Brockwell bound once again for some double dipping.


I topped up my morning 20 lengths with another 10. My Boy Y maths work from earlier in the day tells me that this is 30 in total.

The water was 'creamy' yet again.

Best not to dwell upon this.

A lone swimmer was attempting the butterfly on the busiest day of the lido year.

My goggles pinged and snapped in the run in for my final length. Time to get out, time to head over to SE17.

The occasion was the annual SE17 school BBQ. Badlands responsibilities have meant that I have missed this for the past four summers.

It felt good to be back.

I rarely get the chance to have proper conversations with many of the staff, such is the hit and run nature of my usual work.

It was very rewarding to sit down, and generally catch up with some very old friends.

Plus never underestimate the healing power of South London Lover's Rock to set the right tone for a Transpontine BBQ.

It's been a beautiful day.

Bring on the Country Show :blush:

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