Golf, Leaver's and the Lido

I do enjoy the serenity of early morning golf.

...which is not something that I ever expected to start off a blog post with.

Perhaps I should clarify: I do enjoy the annual serenity of Nicky Campbell calling the first tee shot of The Open each year, just after 6am.

I made sure that I was awake for this magical moment this morning. There's something about the foolishness of twatting a golf ball at such an early hour. Plus also the grand sense of occasion.

Today also saw the start of the Lord's Test, another moment in which I adore each summer.

I'm starting to sound like something of an Establishment figure now.


And so golf balls bollocked, team news checked ahead of the Test and it was off to SE17 for the final time this term.

Best make it count.

Phew Wot a Scorcher etc.

That didn't stop one of the busiest days that I have seen in over a decade of working in SE17.

We had the dress rehearsal for the Year 6 play, KS1 Sports Day, and then the tears of the Year 6 Leaver's Assembly just before chucking out time.

I also managed to cut together a shhh very secret video for a member of staff who is doing something very special over the summer.

This is my third Leaver's Assembly this month. They don't get any easier. I have blogged before about how the occasion is all the more sad in that you just know that you won't see the lovely, lovely kids together ever again.

I have so many memories working within SE17. You often tend to forget some of the stories, and then all it takes is a small spark and the thoughts come straight back to you.

It's an incredibly mature bunch of Leaver's for this year. As one young man stood up to receive his speech of recognition, I was reminded of a Nursery story when I first met him some eight summers ago.

I was supervising Nursery dinners. My one and only task was to make sure that the young fella ate something. ANYTHING.

He didn't.

I failed.

He was such a withdrawn, unresponsive Nursery child. Yet here he was this afternoon, up in front of all his peers and being eulogised as one of the most confident and articulate members of the year group.

FANTASTIC teaching environment.

I washed away the tears with a double dip of a swim down at the lovely Lido.

It was rammed.

My now traditional salad days conversation catch up with @oneeyegrey took place as the Transpontine sun was starting to radiate down on the Dulwich Yummy Mummy area.

Don't ask what me and Mr One Eye were doing there.

I stopped off on the way back to Sunny Stockwell for a Lambeth Council consultation for the new Town Hall campus held at the Karibu Centre.

This was peak rush hour. One other resident was in there whilst I was being consulted.

Double dipping hopefully again tomorrow, with a day spent in an SW9 school as the sandwich filler.

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