Golden Days of the S Ldn Blogosphere

Overdosing on pasta the night before led to a double dose of early morning swimming power.

I was cooking, Comrades.

But not for long.

That's the problem with this pasta fixation. It gives you the immediate power for a short burst, but then you are left feeling lethargic.

Nice to have a lane to myself, mind.

Back at base and I was experimenting with my audio for the day.

I’ve somehow slipped out of the #LateJunction habit of late. It’s an addiction that I plan to take hold of once again.

I spent the morning shift catching up with Mara Carlyle from last week. It really is the perfect mid-morning work music. Demanding enough to help focus your mind, yet not SHOUTY SHOUTY so that you can’t concentrate on productivity.

In The Postman Delivers News: The postman delivers a new Garmin holder.


I think I've finally managed to fix the problem of the Garmin mount that doesn’t mount. I’ve written off four cheap and nasty mounts mid-ride.

I've upgraded to a bit of Germanic engineering quality. Just need to road test it now.

Some more fixing took place with the good man @pmmikes. I think that we’ve found a solution for some coding woes that have been bugging us both for a number of weeks now.

A few email exchanges and it seems that there is also still some life left in the twitching corpse of an old hyperlocal project. I hope so.

I have learnt that to sustain (ha, bloody ha) a project of this undertaking then you need a team.

This is what is making Brixton Buzz so strong right now. We all have some individual specialism to contribute; collectively this makes for a pretty powerful hyperlocal resource.

I truly hope that there is the appetite to sustain this way of working out towards the Badlands.

I’m in, btw.

Speaking of which…

I finally managed to catch up later in the day with the first recording from Forward the Hamlet, a new Dulwich Hamlet podcast.

It’s absolutely ACE.

Coming from the same stable as @SLHC, it captures perfectly what is happening down at the Dulwich right now.

More importantly is a perfect piece of South London DIY punk ethos. No one else is going to produce a podcast about Dulwich. You just get on with it and do it yourself.

This is an attitude that flows throughout the S Ldn blogosphere (geddin) - @SLHC, Brixton Buzz, the mighty Urban 75 and of course Comrade Wolfie.

We’ll look back in years to come as this being something of a Golden Age for S Ldn online activity. Somehow it is all just about coming together in a wonderful Transpontine anarchic manner.

Betcha the bubble bursts soon.

Forward ever backwards never, Comrades.

Works shifts plodded along throughout the day, and then I managed to squeeze in a time trial ahead of the cricket in the evening.

Not quite a PB, but I could feel the blood pumping through my arms during the run in. Slightly unnerving.

Swimming, cycling, cricket, Transpontonia and cash.

Not a bad day, Comrades.

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