Cycling Spurts

A clinical swim - straight in, straight out, no arseing about. Forty lengths was the target and forty lengths were ticked off with no fuss.

I bashed out a couple of half-decent stories for here and there ahead of an afternoon and evening work shift.

The work sandwich filler was a 33km roll out early evening.

It was a ride against the clock with work commitments calling, and also a fading estuary sun rapidly catching up on me.

I was surprised as to how quickly the scenery is starting to change almost by the day. This was my first Badlands bike ride of the week. I almost didn't recognise some of the rural scenes, such is the pace of change from Mother Nature.

A big squirty farm thing soaked me mid-ride as the nozzle went a little northwards of the field.

I was riding in total mind and body unity up until this point. The spurt unsettled my focus. I had to pull over pronto for a bit of a spurt in a field myself.

Tomorrow is all about Surrey Cricket.

C'mon the 'rrey!

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