Show Time!

Ahh - the setting up of the Lambeth Country Show: a sure sign that the Transpontine summer is here to wake us up from any lethargy that may be happening elsewhere.

I cycled through Brockwell Park en route to SE21. The Monday morning ahead of any Lambeth Show weekender has always been a calendar highlight for me.

It lets you know that you have survived another year, and can now be rewarded come the end of the week with the best in absolutely EVERYTHING that South London has to offer.

I'm not going to sleep between now and Saturday morning.

But you need to pay to play though.

Or is the other way round?

Monday was another day of playing and GRINNING with the lovely, lovely kids of SE21. Everyone is d-mob happy with the summer holidays now within sight.

I found myself playing with musical tubes, learning about Van Gogh and then entering a theoretical debate about the legalisation of soft drugs.

The decision to double dip at the lido just came naturally. How can you leave such a happy, happy work environment, and then not continue the smiles down the road in the waters of Lake Brockwell?

I put in a piffy ten lengths. The body wasn't really up for it and I got confused with the rotation direction for the lane that I was wading around in.

Apologies, Madam for the kick in the ribs.

I returned to the Lambeth Country Show theme later in the evening when @oneeyegrey rolled up at the lido sporting a South London moon tan that puts mine to shame.

I'm really enjoying these poolside catch ups - a salad day conversation for both of us.

Yer man remarked how the Country Show has gone from being the highlight in the Brixton calendar from back in the day, to becoming the high point of the South London summer sometime around the turn of the Century.

We've now reached the tipping point where the BONKERS-ness of the Chucklehead misbehaviour at Brockwell Park is now part of the London social season. Even chuffing Time Out has it listed as the number one highlight in the city this summer.

See you in the Chucklehead queue, Comrades.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Monday, July 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM. Don't slam the door on the way out.