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As expected, the estuary weather put an end to any hopes of watching the Essex slappers down at Castle Park. If Saturday was a BATTING DAY, then Sunday was most certainly one for practising your golf swing out on the boundary.

No bicycle ride and no swim either. I simply refuse to take any of my bikes out in the rain.

And so a run it was instead.


The legs felt incredibly heavy right from the off. I was half expecting my hamstring to go again, but somehow the elastic band didn't ping.

The time was half-decent, and so was the timing. The torrential started as soon as I took the running shoes off.

This more or less dictated the rest of the day.

Housework Vs audio editing?

Audio editing won, if there ever is such a thing.

I've managed to clear the firstsite backlog. I'm approaching audio increasingly in the same way that I approach online images - perfectionism.

Ha, bloody ha etc.

What use to take one hour to top and tail and iron out the kinks in any audio now takes half a day. I think that it's worth the time investment though.

The downside is that the financial investment remains the same...

Football finished off the day.

I use to mourn the passing of any World Cup. I loved the Quarters and Semis, but have pretty much had my fill by now.

A cricket intensive month follows, and then we're back down at the Dulwich.

PROPER football, Comrades.

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