Batting Day

And not just for Jimbo, either.

Make hay, etc, make haste. An early morning roll out with @pmmikes and yer man certainly meant business. I was almost dropped just before the first hill leading out of the Badlands.


The roads were damp and Mike was keen to crack on. I hesitated on a number of corners. I found it hard to live with his pace.

The definite drop didn't happen until well into the homestretch. I was actually lost.

The 26.5kmh average on a 45km roll out was rather disappointing. Note Mike's 27.3kmh.

Nice pretty patterns though.

I stopped off for a swim on the way back to base. I made the mistake of stretching out my muscles first in the spa.

You should never linger too long in all the post-swim pampering activities. Plus you should never carry out all the post-swim pampering activities pre-swim.

I really didn't want to put the lengths in, but knew that otherwise I'd still be sat in the spa pruning my skin away.

Twenty lengths in and I was cruising. I almost longed for @pmmikes to join me in the fast lane.

I pottered around the garden over luncheon. The weekly clean up of all the garden crap is now taking twice the time from what it took at the start of spring.

Roll on the barren winter months.

I had some work over @firstsite in the afternoon.

It was all lively and rather good fun, but as ever, I do struggle with modern art.

My thoughts during most of the working afternoon were with the Comrades down at the Dulwich. Never before have I been so excited about a pre-season.

I confess to checking the #dhfc hashtag in-between all the art activity. Plus don't forget that Dulwich Hamlet and the ComFast Chapter is actually a bona fide art project, dahhhling.

A brief HELLOOO! with yer man @LeePugh10, and then I pondered over a pristine Mini Moulton that was for sale at the auction house down East Hill.

It looked LOVELY.

I offloaded three Moultons over the spring months as I don't actually ride them. I carried on pedaling and put any further Moulton ownership dreams behind me.

Early evening and it was hammock time. I wasn't expecting such brilliant late sunshine late in the day.

Michelle Shocked was on the playlist. I fell asleep three songs into Short, Sharp, Shocked. I made up for the mistake by then listening to the Texas Campfire Tapes in its entirety, something I haven't done in over a decade.

The bruising skies suggest that Sunday will be a bowling day. There's talk of watching the Essex slappers in the first day of the Championship match at Castle Park.

Can't quite see it happening.

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