Keep the Faith

New client nerves. It's never easy starting work on a new client and Thursday morning was no different. I feel this way every time any new work comes along. Gotta be better than complacency I guess.

I managed to escape for a luncheon swim. This was WEIRD.

I shared a lane with a man who had the most remarkable crawl technique. His back was arched in the style of Wembley Stadium. On the pull he placed his arms at 90 degrees tucked underneath his arching belly. His legs splashed around randomly.

Somehow he managed to swim.

And I thought that my swimming style was a little strange.

Every ten lengths or so he was completely overcome with muscular pain. He had to stop in the shallow end just to stretch it out.

I plodded along and tried to compose a mental shopping list for the journey home.

The swim was just what I needed ahead of the afternoon shift. Never underestimate the ability of a little splash about to calm down the working nerves. A milky cup of tea certainly helped as well.

Late in the day and the BBC weather forecast was fucked yet again. I was ready for a 40km roll out. The rain suggested otherwise. It was hardly the Paris-Roubaix pave from Le Tour some 24 hours earlier. But I 'aint getting my road bike wet for nobody.

Le Tour and Test catching up concluded the day. Plus a re-discovery of the absolutely ACE Big Sound Authority.

Blimey. Where the chuffers did that one come from? I'm downloading the one and only album as I type.

Ah goody - it's finished. I'm done here.

Have a soulful sleep, Comrades.

Keep the Faith.

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