I awoke slightly stiff (ho, hum) after Le Tour cycling yesterday. A gentle swim was needed.

I shared a lane with a 'mature' lady and her swimming companion. The only problem was that her swimming companion was in a lane on the opposite side of the pool. They had vital news to exchange, such as what being defrosted for dinner later in the evening.

What is this? A chuffing social club?

I pressed on and put the lengths in. The tightness in the thighs from Le Tour roll out soon disappeared. I shared my mundane observations on male body recovery with the mature lady and her swimming companion.

Back at base and Mike kindly published my Brockwell Walled Garden images over at Brixton Buzz. I quite like the way that the unintentional lens flare matches the BBuzz branding (steady.)

Mid-morning gardening was scheduled ahead of an afternoon and early evening work shift. I pulled, swept and put away - anything but planting.

Yer man Robert Elms was of course ever present for all of this. Another ACE show yet again today, with the theme of minority sports in London.

Ice hockey, basketball, track cycling - MY London sports all appear to be minority sports.

I managed a brief time trial of a ride come the end of the working day. The roads were empty after 8pm, and so were my legs.

There was a complete stillness in the air, but I couldn't quite get enough power to rise above the magical 30kmh.

I misjudged slightly the remaining daylight, although luckily had some lights on my road bike.

The midsummer scenery is changing. The fields are full of bales of hay; the scorched leaves by the roadside tell a story of what is to come.

I could tell a story or two to the mature lady and her swimming companion tomorrow morning.

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