Summer, the First Time

It was a hot afternoon, the last day of June... but I had a busy working day ahead before I could see the sun rise as a man, Comrades.

But first the early morning swim.

Remember Total Control Racing (TCR), the slightly advanced incarnation of Scalextric? The concept was that you could change lanes to avoid the dreaded 'jam car' - a slow paced moving entity that served no other purpose than to frustrate you.

There was a jam car in the fast lane of the pool this morning. I managed to control my boyhood racing anger and keep the swimming hippy karma shit going.

But yeah: the FAST lane should say it all, luv.

I had a decent mid-morning catch up with the Labour party candidate for the by-election taking place on Thursday around these parts. I volunteered my overall prediction. I noted that she didn’t blink an eyelid…

Most of the morning was spent editing audio.


Chopping up audio and polishing it to perfection can be a pain. I refer you to my personal manifesto, Comrades.

But y'know - pay to play, and all that.

The afternoon was spent editing some old SE17 images as part of a long-term database management project. Most of these were over ten years old; I haven't seen them myself in the past decade.

Some lovely, lovely memories came back. Even of Boy Y.

Late afternoon and I butchered the bay tree. No worries - I do it every year.

It’s slightly sad in that it is one of the few remaining green ‘things’ that we inherited in the anarchic garden. We nurture it each winter, and then come summer time and it’s for the chop.

I took Anna out on a an early evening spin. She's been frustrated of late with her speed. Truth be told and I've been rather impressed.

I've been getting a bit bored of the same old Badlands routes though. We decided to ride it in reverse, and see if it made any difference.

If felt like we were lost for half of the ride.

The long shadows of Anna's fancy carbon frame kept on creeping up on me. I thought that she was about to take me, but it was just the late evening sun adding to the illusion.

Still - an average time of 27kmh for us both is half decent.

Pinch, punch tomorrow Comrades.

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