Super Cycling Sunday

A chilled early morning roll out. The roads were still wet. It felt more like a Ride of the Falling Leaves rather then a midsummer spin.

The route was 'experimental.' We ended up getting lost.

Bloody Strava was playing silly buggers. I reckon it was about a 50km round route taking in Lawford and then over towards St Osyth.

Remember: If Strava didn't record the ride, then you didn't ride it, right?

The road bike held up well. I carried out some 'mechanical fine tuning' the day before. The magic of WD40 never ceases to amaze me.

We passed an old boy en route once, twice and then a third time. Maybe he was lost out in the Badlands as well?

I admit to keeping my distance from Anna. She was leading once again. Sorry, love, but I still don't trust you with that wibbly wobbly de-cleating action.

And that was Sunday to be honest.

Back on the bike again tomorrow.


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