Fiddly Friday

Fifty lengths this morning, more out of duty than desire. I made a cracking joke in the gents, a deviation on the fork handles / four candles. Sadly my 8am wit of floor mats / formats wasn't as universally funny as I first thought.

A shift free morning followed, mainly taken up with fiddly techy bits and bobs.

I've been having some major issues with Super Duper, my Mac back up client. For some reason the scheduled dumping of data has come to a halt.

I've played around in Terminal and done the usual verifying routine. Shirt Pocket, the makers of the software, have been superb. We finally fixed it before luncheon. It looks like my Mac has some pretty serious conflicts involving the calendar.

I'm using it as my excuse to skip a few days of the daily fargo diary.

I finished off the morning by editing the @firstsite audio from last night. It was a lengthy piece addressing the work of artist Bruce McLean. It all made a little more sense second time around.

Part of the paid for work is of course to submit a polished piece of editing. Never underestimate the time that this will take.

I was reminded as to why I was first attracted towards the beauty of @audioboo - one take wonders, no edits, and then move on to your next piece of content.

It seems that the search for the perfect piece of audio / image / words is now creeping into the hit and miss world of the modern interweb.

I don't like it.

The medium for me is all about exploring and capturing. You have date archives to reference what went before, but you don't spend all day crafting 250 words.

Forward ever, backwards never, Comrades.

Which is kinda the case Somewhere in SE21.

Transition Week is about to get underway. This means a complete new set of teaching timetables, homework timetables and all round school reorganisation ahead of September.

These were mailed over after lunch for immediate publication. I do like the efficiency of a well run school.

I was locked down with work shifts all afternoon. Sticking with the forever changes theme is youtube.

Oh Lordy.

I'm all for innovation, but the bloody platform won't stand still.

Further tweaks here and there leaves a whole work routine outdated overnight. These changes never seem to make management any easier from the back end either.

My soundtrack to all of this was the Listed Londoner with Adam Ant. I'm no uber fan of his music, but I do love Adam as a warm, thoughtful, highly intelligent Londoner.

There's a couple of days left on the iPlayer. It's well worth just under an hour of your time.

A cloudbusting bicycle ride concluded the day. I set off in bright estuary sunshine, only to become bruised with the Big Essex Clouds. I rode into the rain, and then came out on the other side with the sun starting to set.


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