A crazy Shilts conversation in the showers during the early morning swim. Public changing rooms somehow enable conversations that would otherwise be off limits.

I had to exercise severe self-constraint not to shout out the Pavlovian Shilts response of:


It's a Forest thing folks.

I made a mad dash for my towel to cover up my modesty.

Bloating out on raspberries for breakfast has been the norm now for the past couple of weeks. This year has been a particularly impressive crop.

But there's only so much you can do with them when operating on a limited budget / can't be arsed.

My daily rotation of raspberries and Bran Flakes / raspberries and porridge has probably been exhausted.

Anyone tried them on toast?

The morning was spent catching up and publishing the SE21 content from the day before. I recorded all the audio from the Leaver's Assembly, but uploaded it to the wrong account.


An hour was spent downloading it, and then uploading once again with all the tags and data etc.

A couple of work shifts were picked up late afternoon, timed to perfection for a work email that pinged:

"Are you planning to take a summer holiday this year?"

Yep. It's called the lovely lido.

I had some evening work over @firstsite. I do struggle with art. Even with an expert opinion to guide you through it, I still got a little lost in the conversation.

The ride back to base was quite beautiful. Empty roads and a setting sun out in the east.

Peter Shilton lives around these parts, apparently.


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