Old School / Leaving School

I finally got round to listening to some of the Robert Elms 20th birthday broadcasting celebrations this morning. I'm about an hour in, with one day left to listen on the iPlayer.

I do wish the BBC would allow downloads of audio.

It's a tremendous listen for anyone that loves nothing better than going on a journey on the Northern Line, and then returning back to base safe in the knowledge that you have got London embedded underneath your fingernails.

Yer man is nothing but a grubby London guttersnipe.

I absolutely adore him in a metrosexual sort of way.

Old school London was also pretty much evident during the morning ride when I cycled down Brixton Road. A proper South London funeral procession was setting off from the Oval end.

Horses, plumage, brass bands - it was all there. It was really quite moving, but also uplifting in a macabre kind of way.

We use to live in a hidden away Lodge (really) towards the top of Brixton Hill. There was a stables next door where the nags for these type of send offs were kept.

It was like a step back in time to the day of Steptoe and Son. I still see very, very occasionally a rag and bone man riding down South Lambeth Road.

Washing away the London timeline from underneath your fingernails can lead to a sterile existence.

Elsewhere today and it was all about tears.

Another midsummers day, another Leaver's Assembly.

If it's a Wednesday then it must mean that I was down in SE21.

There's no easy way to get around these assemblies, especially when you are saying your farewells to young adults that have special learning needs.

I've long since realised that the best approach is to simply celebrate all that the school has done for them over the years. All of the Year 11 leavers departed having been genuinely enriched by the amazing staff and other students around them.

The tears got a little tricky during some of the speeches. It's OK, Madam - we all felt the same...

I made the short cycle from SE21 down to the lovely lido towards the end of the day. This is my Transpontine place for reflection.

I was feeling drained, physically and mentally from all of the sorrow at school earlier. Twenty lengths later and the waters of Lake Brockwell had enriched me.

It was bloody brilliant.

The South London sun rays danced and teased along the basin of the pool. I had to keep my eyes closed when I tilted my head for breath, such was the power of the Transpontine sun.

I can't decide what it best - a pre-work enriching lido swim, or a post-toil Brockwell blue comedown.

The solution of course is to double dip - best of both Brockwell worlds.

I played around a little later in the evening with @DaveWiner's latest toy - Happy Friends.

Essentially it's an outline twitter tool. I love the simplicity in which Dave builds his platforms. It's probably the very same reason as to why I'm still finding my blogging freedom using fargo.

I've yet to find a convincing way in which I could personally use Happy Friends. After my TweetDeck WOH of yesterday, it may just be a simplified solution to managing different threads.

A day of publishing awaits tomorrow...

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