Backs Ups, Bicycles and Blogging

That time again - the back end of the month and I start to stress about back ups. I get an alert during the last week of the month to run a simple back up across all of my online activity. It usually takes me until the same time the following month to complete it.

I made a half-arsed attempt today to start the whole routine of sql dumping, Dropbox copying, Evernote exporting, plugin updates, Time Machine checks etc.


It's exhausting stuff.

And then a work email about systems for systems for systems did my head in.

I did find a useful new WP plugin though. Those nice folk at dxw have built a plugin that checks plugins. I rolled it out across all of my work and play sites. It's early days, but I'm keen to see how trustworthy other developers actually are.

It was a routine of a working day that required a little distraction. I fired up TweetDeck around luncheon, the first time in what must be over a month or so.


I soon remembered why I stopped using TweetDeck.

It's an incredibly useful platform when your sole work activity involves monitoring and generating tweets. But it is impossible to run it in the background and continue with any other form of concentration.

I've had a huge twitter cull. I was still left overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tweets.

A solution of course is lists. I've built up many lists - some public, some private, which I occasionally use. TweetDeck just drowns me in data.

The problem is that some of it is incredibly useful, for both work and play. I'd say around 70% is absolute twaddle. This more or less reflects my own twitter output.

I'm finding that I'm using twitter these days increasingly as a broadcast medium.

That's not good.

Many online friendships have made the offline transition in the past six years or so. Simply by having a me, me, me twitter account isn't going to help continue this shared activity.

It took me the best part of the working day to publish all of the content created in SW9 last Friday. I usually try and self impose a maximum of four hours for video, audio and image editing, plus bashing out around 1,500 words to cover all year groups.

This time of year though means that there is so much going on within schools. I recorded all of the audio for the Leaver’s Assembly. It’s a one off chance to capture those memories. Editing it however can be a little… tiresome.

I managed to escape for a late afternoon roll out ahead of an evening shift elsewhere that I had committed to.

The fields around Tendring were looking scorched. Great Bentley Green was preparing for an evening cricket match with some England football booze action taking place in the nearby pub. A funfair has also set up on the Green. You couldn't imagine a more English mid-summer scene, whatever the concept of Englishness might be...

It wasn't the best of rides, but I felt strong on the climbs during the run in back to base. I had a cycle free day on Monday. The rest was needed after the 190ish km over the weekend.

I finished off the day bashing out another couple of Brixton Buzz pieces. It's one hell of a HUGE news footprint. Two blogs can definitely survive in the patch, probably three or four. I think that specialism and different forms of... 'sustainability' will have the final say.

Transpontonia tomorrow. Hopeful of some fag end play at The Oval once the working day is done.

C'mon the 'rrey!

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