Planning, Policy and Petting

I'm finding it tricky doing the flip flop of swimming pools. One morning you're stretching out in the glorious 55 yards of the waters of Lake Brockwell; 24 hours later and you are paddling in a converted gas showroom out in the Essex Badlands.

Monday was a morning of swimming adjustments. I launched from one side of the pool to the other, put in a few power strokes (yeah, right) and then it was time to turn around again.

At least one constant appears to have been transported from the lovely lido: the HEAVY PETTING couple.

Oh Lordy.

The Brockwell Icicles have a theory that the Transpontine heavy petters are conducting an early morning affair down in the shallow end. Why else would you 'embrace' such sexual passion in a public pool at such at early hour?

I'd personally worry about leaving the lido at full mast.

Back in the Badlands and a bloke was showing a young lady his best stroke in the spa. This was my signal to go and have a shower and head home.

The working day was mainly taken up with policies and publishing.

Schools are increasingly expected to publish all data relating to absolutely everything for that nice Mr Ofsted. I half expect a Paperclip Count spreadsheet to be sent my way for publishing before the end of the week.

Policies are continually changing and there is a genuine paranoia that Mr Ofsted will want to access the data, rather than the brilliant teaching.

I took a break from all the policy to take a look at... Lambeth Council policy. I bashed out a piece for Brixton Buzz on the £200k investment that the Rec, Ferndale and Flaxman are all about to share.

Although it's part of a mandatory compliance upgrade, at least it shows willing from the Council to see a future for the Rec. This was far from the case some six months ago when the Brixton SPD was speculating on the future of the site with a knowing nod to the developers.

I finished off the day by sending some of my own planning policy to Lambeth Council.

Like for like window replacements in the flat apparently require planning permission. It's no great cost at £170 for the application, but the online information is fiddly.

The temptation is to bypass planning and apply retrospectively, if and when needed. We see so many blatant breaches of planning along South Lambeth Road.

But no - we went with the full application, site plans, architectural drawings and maps. Plus hurrah for Google Maps in allowing me to lift a photo from the back of my flat and zoom in on the exact window that is being replaced.


The curtains are being closed before any heavy petting commences.

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