Cycling, Secateurs and Metroknobbers

Heavy legs for the first five miles or so of the Sunday morning roll out. It was the morning after the morning before. The 105km on Saturday was catching up with me, quicker than... quicker than I could catch up with the other Sunday morning early roll out riders.

And then something strange happened.

As soon as I hit the rural countryside out towards Ardleigh, the legs instantly opened up. It was a breath of fresh air - quite literally.

I've not done any serious consecutive days of cycling since the Tour de Norfolk back in April. It's amazing how the 'ride yourself into fitness' bollocks actually holds true. The trick is to keep on moving.

I passed the rare sight of a recumbent on the road out towards Lawford. I've always been tempted to see how low I can go on two wheels. I'm not sure if I could hold my nerve, let alone find the storage space.

The rural rhythm continued as I made my way up to Ipswich. I actually managed to take a couple of other cycling groups who were cycling in the comfort zone of a pelaton.

I almost came a cropper on the freshly laid gravel at Cox Hill just outside of Lawford. The Mod squad then trailed past me - fishtails and all - in the East Bergholt approach. I love the idea that the Ace Faces are still out riding on a Sunday morning.

The return run in once I reached Ipswich was uneventful. It wasn't a great route to be honest; that will teach me for lifting the GPX rides from other riders.

I deviated slightly from the flashing Garmin purple arrow, and explored some of the back lanes of the Suffolk / Essex border.

Back at base and my average time was... average.

Still - just under 200km in two days. Happy with that.

An afternoon of gardening awaited.

The Sunny Stockwell secateurs transported to the Essex Badlands haven't traveled that well. They're crap, if truth be told. It's like trying to cut up overgrown hedges with a pair of comedy zig zag style scissors.

I gave up halfway down the garden and decided to live with the wild approach to anarchic gardening.

The worms were fed with all the leftovers from the past week. I tried to calculate what generation of the worm cycle we are on. We had the original breed delivered back in 2006. I'm not sure of the average lifespan of a worm, but eight years on and they are still chomping away on my daily apple core.

Metroknobbers No.3 with Darryl rounded off Sunday.

We had some half decent points buried away in there, as well as some tech issues. I think it was rather rushed and we might need a more considered approach. Cutting down on content rather than empty pauses has to be a good thing though.

I'm delaying the offline work printing project. This should really have started today. The weather forecast suggests that tomorrow could be a day of putting aside the procrastination and not taking to the pedals.


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