Cat Sitting Spreadsheets

The cat sitting spreadsheet is getting slightly crazy. If it's a Thursday then it must mean that it's the start of a Transpontine stretch, right?


But both of us in South London? And the cat?


I never was any good filling in all those fiddly Excel cells.

Go with the flow, I say.

Which for Thursday morning meant a most charming commute in with the good Daniel Ruiz Tizon. Sadly not in person, but I was Sunny Stockwell bound, the stomping ground of the South London latte ponce.

Dan's podcasting empire it quite incredible. An astonishing amount of detail is contained within each podcast. Yer man is not only prolific, he also has some form of self quality control.

A rarity.

What I love about the weekly broadcasts is the intimacy. He takes you on a journey around the backstreets of SW8, not too dissimilar as to where I have been straying of late.

The trick for any online twaddle is to tell a wider story, yet somehow keep it personal.

Dan does this to perfection. I arrived back in Transpontonia with a huge Sunny Stockwell smile on my face.

The rest of the day was spent Somewhere in SE17. It was slightly frustrating, if truth be told.

The great online / offline divide continues to dominate. There are moves to make the two domains move slightly closer, but I just don't do offline publishing.

I volunteered to help out on an offline printing project. I think the vanity got in the way of the execution. A few weeks of 'creative experimentation' seems likely.

I was genuinely shocked to hear of a few staff changes come September. Stability is all important within a school, but personal lives forever move forward. I was more than a little upset.

As ever, the real value in the day was playing working with the kids. A mixed bag: Nursery caterpillars, Reception sums, Y1 literacy, Y2 science, Y3 trip to the ISIS Centre (yep, had me for a while as well...) Y4 Dulwich Woods project, Y5 Ancient Greece assembly and Y6 school play preparations.


I still found time late in the day to experiment with feedbin. I'm basically after an RSS mobile solution.

I want a headline and text, and nothing else.

feedly works well for me on the desktop, but I detest the mobile and tablet user interfaces.

feedbin meanwhile has an incredibly clunky desktop.

A rock and a hard RSS place.

I can't really justify the $3 subscription per month for a tool that only carries out half of what I want to achieve.

Is it too much to ask for an RSS solution that provides simple text updates synced across all devices? I really don't need to be turned into anything more of a social media pimp.

Maybe I'll just ditch RSS on the mobile.

I managed to squeeze in a late lido dip. The pool was just starting to clear of the Rosendale kids from over the road. I managed a strong twenty lengths. I could have probably carried on if it wasn't household duties back at base.

Booze with some Brixton Buzz pals completed the evening.

Ra, ra, ra and it's all back to the Dogstar.


I found the football quite funny to be honest.

Another day, another cat sitting spreadsheet.

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