Breaking and Mending

A morning of online video training, and then an afternoon of future work planning.

Company X now has a policy of carrying out all online communication between staff using video. I did fret for my first session about lights, camera, action etc.

But this morning was a come as you are experience, lycra top, stubble and a cheesy grin.


It went well. As ever I value any meaningful work dialogue whilst working remotely.

The Pop Genius of this Parish pinged over his latest album just before luncheon. He probably recorded it straight after breakfast.

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but he's been on superb form of late.

I took the opportunity of some new mp3 action to reorganise my iTunes library. Some ten hours later and I have just about finished re-building my iTunes library.


If it 'aint broke, etc. I need to remind myself more often of my tech mantra: if it takes to long to fix, then f-it.

I bashed out a couple more Brixton Buzz pieces. I'm quite enjoying the freedom that Mike is giving me with these.

I understand how #localgov works and I have the knowledge. I couldn't blog about the Brixton cupcake scene with the same ease.

But once again - 'aint taking my sweaty arse anywhere near the careerists sitting in the Town Hall. Happy to blog about political issues with a small p, if there ever is such a thing...

And then the Roof Man came round later in the day.

The damage isn't as extensive as we first thought. It's not quite a case fixing the roof whilst the sun shines, but we can probably stretch to some new felt for the shed.

Transpontonia early tomorrow :blush:

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