One Step Up...

Almost a two steps back type of day. But hey - progress, of sorts.

The morning swim was a bit of a disaster. A timetable mishap meant that I was in the water when the Roly Poly Club went through their WEIRD routine with giant phallic foam rods wedged between their legs.

At least the water is pumped full of chemicals.

Two functional lanes, five swimmers. Something had to give.

Swimming etiquette should be so simple. The Badlands pool can't take more than two swimmers per lane.

I was doing the up yours, down mine rotation thing with an old fella. And then Mr Day-Glo Speedo waded in, bonkers butterfly and all.

I called it quits after thirty lengths, half-tempted to join the Roly Poly lot and wedge some foam in-between my own legs.

Back at base and it was a working morning spent losing the fight against the spambots.

The buggers.

One step up, two digital strides back.

I bashed out another Buzz piece - it's really quite a key meeting to decide what should be done with the brute of an unused changing room that blots up the beauty of Brockwell.

Bulldoze it, I say - but look at those bloody figures...

Thursday's working soundtrack of solace was replaced by CHOONS, Funky Friday and all that. Yer man @RobertElms delivered with Eurythmics [almost THIRTY years ago!] and The Kinks. Funky Friday was... rather laid back.

A late, late luncheon of yet more strawberries and blackberries was the energy I needed to carry me through the afternoon shift.

I was particularly pleased to find King Strawberry buried away behind the rhubarb - out of reach from both Wifey and the shitting cat. I made sure that I washed it thoroughly first.

@feedly returned sometime late afternoon. My first task was to back up the OPML ASAP, and then whack it into Dropbox.

I've got around 600 stories to catch up on. I've quite enjoyed the online break, and have even turned to old school media for any news content. Telly news is rubbish, btw.

The Attack of the Spambots Part II characterised the final push of the working day. I then played around a bit with InDesign, finishing a project for a couple of schools. I'm rather impressed with the results. Just waiting for the feedback to see if we proceed...

Weekend bicycle rides were up next. I planned a roll out to Ipswich on Saturday, and then Braintree on Sunday. Routes were sourced and uploaded to the Garmin.

I then received a tip off from Mad Bastard John F that he wants to roll out at 6:45am tomorrow morning.

Um, chapeau!

The offer of some Sunday work shifts was accepted. Needs must - almost time to settle up the second half of the tax bill.

...two steps back.

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