A day of no RSS action. @feedly has been compromised with a DDoS attack. Pretty serious for the company, mildly annoying for me and my work.

Not having any access to my feeds has made me think about how much I have come to rely upon content being pushed my way through every moment of the working day.

It all comes back to the old Hunter Vs Scavenger model of modern interweb useage: do you (a) ruthlessly track down the story yourself, or do you (b) sit back and allow the magic of the modern interweb to serve up content via RSS?

Ideally (a) but as ever, time and tide leads me towards (b).

I was left picking at the bare bones of the modern interweb without feedly to fill the gap.

It got me thinking about how I have changed the method in which I track down content, both for work and pleasure.

RSS was my original preferred choice. For around a year or so in 2010 I relied upon twitter and my trusted network to push anything my way.

But I soon found that I was missing stories that fell outside of my own twitter radar. I wanted the complete, all-encompassing reach that RSS could provide.

Even the retirement of Google Reader didn't deter me. I simply uploaded my opml file to feedly, and carried on where I left off.

Plus... forever adding to the now cloud-based opml file with feedly, without any second thought as to a back up.


And so now I am left hostage to feedly, much in the same way that feedly appears to be laid hostage to the nasty DDoS hackers.

I experimented a little later in the day with @zite. I just can't seem to trust a delivery platform that works on an algorithm of what I may - or may not - like on any particular day.

I want a definitive solution that means I don't miss any of the content that my work has come to rely upon.

RSS it is then.

I had a two hour training session early evening. Having worked in complete solace for the entire day, this constant screen sharing and interaction was quite welcome.

I rarely work in complete silence, but it was quite a fiddly day work wise. A puritanical approach is no bad thing once in a while.

Back to the drum 'n' bass working soundtrack tomorrow, Comrades.

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