A lethargic mid-weeker all round. I'm not sure why - bed by 9pm the night before, and then eight hours unbroken sleep.

The first signs of slowness were in the pool.

What the chuffers happened there?

Fifty lengths were fine, but it seemed to take twice the time. I had the pool to myself - a rarity out in the Essex Badlands. It at least gave me some thinking time for my The Selfishness of the Indoor / Outdoor Swimmer novel.

Must get round to writing the first page sometime soon. But not before the lethargy is lost.

I even had a slow cycle back to base from the pool. I was overtaken by a proper Ace Face Mod - Vespa, fishtails and loafers.

You don't see those very often, but he certainly managed to carry it off. I still had a mysterious damp patch down below in my lycra shorts.

I had a work free morning. The plan was to catch up on other online projects ahead of a full on afternoon and evening work shift ahead.

I bashed out another piece for Brixton Buzz, and then responded to a request from the good egg @1670WestEgg for some online audio.

The self-styled South London Coffee Ponce is introducing a new feature for his weekly Resonance radio show.

Sixty seconds of why South London is so special to you was asked for. I could have filled a full hour to be honest. I rattled off a one take wonder clip (yeah, right) jumping from the lido to The Oval to le velo - the three lynchpins that prop up my Transpontine existence.

I finished off with some rubbish remark about being a bastion of South London independence.

It was around this time when the lethargy returned. I fail to understand many body patterns connected with swimming, but I do know that it knackers you with a delayed effect.

You are full of beans (steady) for the first four hours after a swim. This is my most productive part of the day.

And then all of a sudden you are fighting off extreme tiredness, both mentally and physically.

This coincided with the epic work shift.


Systems for systems about systems appears to be a current work theme. Over-complicating online processes when you are working remotely can be a challenge.

I managed to escape for a brief roll out late in the afternoon, but even this was defined by my lethargic lead like legs.

The 30kmh average from the day before was down to 27kmh.

Blame @pmmikes.

It was a delight to see some of the early roadside poppies starting to appear; less so the overgrown verges that are making it difficult to see what is around the corner along some of the more rural lanes.

I encountered endless flies up my nose, leading to a not very dignified nostril cleansing routine on par with that of a Premier League footballer.

A little more energy was gained for the final evening work shift.


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