Hot Sticky Scenes

A plodding swim, followed by raspberries from the garden to go with the Bran Flakes for breakfast.

Should be sufficient to set you up for the day?

Monday [yes I know there is an issue with the fargo date rendering...] started as it meant to carry on with plenty of plodding all round.

The hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean, didn't do much to break me out of the lethargy.

I spent most of the day working on school projects. Some catching up with content that has been sitting around for a while, as well as a little playing around with InDesign for a dead paper media publication that is... plodding.

I pondered the openness is publishing some very truthful - and political - minutes from a Parent's Meeting on one school site. The request came from up above, and so I obliged.

The transparency is great - the content is no different to what parents are told face to face by the management team. My own reservations were more to do with the www prefix in the url : the whole world is watching - not quite, but you get the point.

It's an issue that I often have with both work and hyperlocal projects. Sharing is a wonderful thing, but I often sense that it is sometimes forgotten that you are sharing amongst strangers.

The Wivenhoe Forum frustrates me (steady) when users continually post up phone numbers and email addresses not only of their own, but also of other local people.

I warn against this, but there is only so much you can do when trying to tell others about the dark modern interweb.

The working day finished with some online training. Transparency was once again a theme. I love using tools such as Go2Meeting, but I often fret at what is left exposed on the screen of the work colleague that is leading the session.

It was a useful session for a new project I've been invited to join. My main oberservation was the social hierarchy that the client has put in place: Facebook, youtube and Google+, but only then as a bit of a bolt on at the end.

The percentage of time spent on each platform looks something like 70%, 25%, 5%. The irony is that Google+ is a delight to work on, youtube seems to change the admin tools each week, whereas Facebook is just a beast.

The plodding of a day sped up slightly towards the close. Neil the lovely painter / all round good bod came round to give us some quotes.

Best earn some money to pay for it all.

Plod, plod.

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