Lengths, Leavers and the Long Room

Another charming Transpontine day. I'm finding it hard to sleep past 5am at the moment. The first morning buses (or is it the final night buses?) are the urban alarm call along South Lambeth Road.

No worries - early bird and all that. I'm sure that Lidl in Sunny Stockwell sells cheapo worms.

The beautiful blue waters of Lake Brockwell were calling. And so was a new lido tumblr.

I quite like what I've done here: take a poolside pic before the #drydive plunge, create a new tumblr post there and then on the iPhone, and then allow the magic @ifttt to cross-post and pimp out to Facebook and Twitter.

I've been keeping a @BrockwellLido twitter watch for six years or so now. It started off as a simple temperature check.

Now that the good folk of BLU carry this task out VERY early, I thought I'd allow the advances in my phone tech to create a photo snapshot.

It takes around the same amount of time to whack out the tumblr post as it once did to spunk out a tweet with the old tech. The long-term view is that I'll hopefully have an online image archive of the lovely lido for every day when I'm swimming.

Twenty lengths under glorious Transpontine skies was the early reward for Friday morning. I felt strong, although not as strong as @katiekingswell who powered past me on more than one occasion.

A brief wave to @oneeyegrey putting the lengths in, and a short 'n' curlies shampoo catch up with @mutley69.

No sign of Singing Peter...

And then it was the short cycle through Brixton and down Stockwell Road en route to Somewhere in SW9.

What a LOVELY day in what is fast becoming shhh my fave school.

The approach of the end of the summer term always fills me with some sadness. The activities are rightfully geared towards the departing students.

But truth be told, once they leave then you seldom see them again.

I spent most of Friday recording some video with the Y11 leavers. With most of their GCSE's now thankfully finished, attention has turned towards the Leaver's Assembly.

It has been decided that short video messages will form a large part of this process. I think it's an ACE idea. The students are much more candid on camera, rather than having the pressure and expectations of addressing a full school assembly.

I prepped them by asking for openness and transparency. There's no right or wrong answer, is a phrase that I think I used. I wasn't prepared for the lelvel of honesty that I then managed to capture.

I heard stories of personal development from being very withdrawn Y7 students five years ago, to a fine selection of young adults who are mostly ready for the next stage of their learning.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I hid behind the iPad on more than once occasion as my eyes started to moist up.

Blame it on the aftershock of the lido swim...

And then a return back to base, before the short walk through the backstreets of The Oval for some Surrey cricket t20 action.

How many chuffing times have we played bloody Essex?

There was to be no happy ending, both for the 'rrey and the return of KP.

The Pavilion was buzzing when yer man stepped out to the crease. It reminded me of Mr Ramps for the 'rrey when speculation was rife that he was about to have an Indian summer with an England re-call.

No return for Mr Ramps, and probably not for KP either.

It was lovely catching up with three of my female cricketing companions. I think I managed to out-dress them with the bonkers blazer.

Golden Days.

Those 5am buses will be back along South Lambeth Road soon...

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