Accountability and Loss

And so where to start with the CRUSHING victory by the Comrades of Lambeth Labour in the local elections this week? Probably by congratulating the Nu Labour lot on their spectacular win.

A whopping 59 Labour seats against an 'opposition' of three Tories annexed over in Clap'ham, and one lone Green out in Streatham Wells.

Farewell Lambeth LibDems. Absolutely wiped out and with no great surprise, given their pathetic attempt at mounting an election campaign.

Democracy has spoken.

You may not like what democracy has to say, but you have to accept it. Controlling a council with 94% of Cllr's is pretty convincing.

Of course this doesn't mean that 94% of Lambeth residents back the Nu Labour project...

Accountability is the next issue to overcome. There is now effectively no opposition party in Lambeth. Scrutiny and the increasingly party political voting in Planning is going to be interesting to observe.

And so who now holds the Cllr's to account?

Spot on from @BrixtonHatter.

The role of residents is now to work with the council and try and influence change from the outside. Some may call it... co-operation.

The alternative is to dismiss the party political system for the farce that it is. But then that just leads to even less accountability and a blind mandate for the careerists to crack on with The Project.

There's an awful lot of new Cllr's with little experience. I wish them well. Here's hoping that the old guard don't continue to dominate.

lollambethlibdems is a great hashtag btw.

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