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What an ACE idea - using the modern interweb to crowd source [URGH] scenery change and document a landscape as it attempts to recover from a fire.

Heads up to @Oli for pointing me in the direction of the #morganfire02 project.

The back story is that a wildfire broke out last September at Mount Diablo State Park in California. The local landscape would forever be changed.

The modern interweb allows us to document and share this change. A simple bracket has been placed overlooking the scene. Here's where you place your phone, take a shot and then tag it with the #morganfire02 hashtag to help create a crowd sourced understanding of the area over time.


I'm not one for countryside views to be honest. I'd rather observe psychogeograpic [GEDDIN] change within the city.

Which is why I think that a similar snapshot model would work well around these parts and the whole Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea development area.

I was walking over Westminster Bridge on Sunday afternoon and made a mental note to try and return and capture the view out west as often as possible.

Cranes are appearing upon cranes. St George's Tower, the current shining beacon of #SW8, will soon be dwarfed itself. My patch of Transpontonia will soon (very soon) change forever.

I attempted to capture something of what was left last spring. I was slightly too late in being able to document digitally a corner of South London that I have run around for the past two decades.

Plus the scale of change is far too great for one person to try and cover conclusively.

My local resident's association is attempting to source images shot by local people of the Vauxhall transformation. But it's proving a little clunky in shooting, sending on and then collating all of these photographs.

How about a simple recreation of the #morganfire02 project?

Place a smartphone bracket - ideally on Vauxhall Bridge, and then let the passing Transpontine folk capture the change every day.

There may be issues over data ownership. I'm getting increasingly annoyed by shiny nu media models that are overly keen to swallow up your content, yet not so equally understanding when it comes to you asking for it to be regurgitated out once again.

The recent roll out of the time machine option within Google Maps shows that there is an appetite for viewing this changing face of the city.

Anyone handy at building a durable smart phone bracket that we could somehow place along Vauxhall Bridge?

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