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Networks are becoming increasingly important.

No shit, Sherlock etc.

I now go about my daily online / offline business with no consideration for which domain I'm stepping into. I've reached the defalt setting of being a self-facilitating media node.

Oh dear.

What use to be a distinction now shows no divide. I expect an online connection at all times, and a half-decent one a that.

I had a bit of a wobbler of a weekend. The cheapo talktalk deal in the flat was feeling a little under the weather in the South London heat.

The speed dropped to what the iPayer deems necessary to deliver.

No worries. I didn't really want to watch the Eastenders omnibus at midnight anyway.

But it did make uploading half a dozen flickr images something of an issue.

I've got a self-imposed rule not to atempt anything online unless you have the sufficient network. Accessing an email on a train can take a couple of minutes as you pick up and then drop the signal.

Back at base and you can connect and act instantly.

Unless you're in the talktalk enabled flat that is.

4G has been helping. I clocked 30MB in central London lat week.


Just watch that 1GB giffgaff allowance get swallowed up within the first couple of weeks of the month long trial.

And so yeah - networks are becoming increasingly important.

But do I really need to be online wherever my offline footprint takes me? I certainly expect to be.

The self-facilitating media node piss take of a response might have stood up in the day.

Buy yeah - it really is all about the network in order to achieve things both online and offline.

No shit.

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