Digital Footprints in the Political Sand

Four years on since I stopped blogging about hyperlocal politics back in Lambeth and I still receive weekly tip offs. These attempts at selling me stories have increased to almost daily over the past few weeks. All council seats are up for grabs next Thursday.

Funny that...

I personally find it vaguely interesting. It is such an incestuous political patch. Tales that Cllr X has missed four consecutive meetings of Board Y that he / she is obliged to attend make me ponder, but y'know... life.

Life in that I've got better things to do than become caught up in a hyperlocal political trap, unwillingly playing games as the messenger for both sides as the political careerists continually squabble.

Plus to be fair, life in that Cllr X has probably got the everyday demands of his / her own life to manage. It's not as if he / she is raking it in by playing the hyperlocal political game (I don't think...)

I often miss meetings that aren't work related, Comrades.

And so a new roster of Lambeth greasy pole climbers will soon be elected. The hardcore of the Old Guard (CAPPED up) more or less remain as options on the ballot paper for next Thursday.

But there seems to be a ready made stream of political twonks queuing up to give the game a go.

I wish them well.

I seriously do.

It's an unloved, (almost) unpaid role with little in return. Bashing out stories that are spoon fed from political opponents is the last thing that they need as they balance the WHOPPING cuts from central government.

Accountability, yes. Absolutely.

But tit for tat with poxy emails landing in my inbox everyday?

It's all about solutions, isn't it?

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By Jason A.Cobb, Friday, May 16, 2014 at 12:53 AM. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.