User Rights and Wrongs

Stepping outside from an online project - and I mean really stepping outside - and seeing it from a user's point of view is a great exercise in re-focussing.

Ah yes - the Wivenhoe Forum...

@pmmikes and I are currently building / breaking and testing every last little bit of code in the new Vanilla 2.1 roll out.

2.1 is officially stable, but we want to break down the code before flicking the switch.

Which has led to a little bit of a re-focus on the current live version of the forum. Ideas from 2.1 have been ported over to 2.0. You carry out these actions with the best of admin intentions, but... y'know.

It is the basic online issues that you take for granted that makes you realise the possible gap between admin and user experiences.

You can signpost as many pointers as you think necessary, but still the intuition of the users is to go against the original intention.

Who is at fault here?

Most certainly not the users. It is slightly frustrating though to find that what works for one user is positively despised by another.

Hey hoe.

The lessons we're learning during the 2.1 testing is to go for simplicity. Custom builds are not only going to cause you issues later down the timeline when new releases become available, but also you are second judging the user experience.

Perhaps a collaborative outliner is the solution?

Or maybe just an offline chat.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 4:33 AM. Good for the environment.