Outlining the Outliner

I really should bash out a blog post about how blogging with fargo has brought back my love of words on the modern interweb. But I'd end up wobbling over my self-imposed 250 (ish) word count for what I am trying to achieve over here.

I could always tweet it instead.

It's still very much early days for me and fargo. I'm finding though that I'm approaching the outliner with the same mindset that attracted me to Blogger over ten years ago.

You have a blank box (well, an outline...); you bash out a few simple words. You then move on.

Don't blog about blogging etc, but the approach over here is very different from over there.

I craft out (ha!) those big world blog posts. Images, embeds, linkage etc. It all takes up time. Sometimes I just want to see a space in front of me and offload some words.

I'm not alone. Lloyd appears to be enjoying his fargo freedom. Dave looks like he is persevering as well.

It's a far cry from the wild west blogging from back in the day. But there is a definite sense that something a little different is being tried here. The platform is very much stripped down if that's what you want. As Glass has demonstrated, you can equally scale right up to the top end if you have the tech skills and patience.

I've started using the fargo noteblogging applet today. It's a handy way to cut down on all those Links... posts that didn't really seem to fit in over there.

I've no idea where all of this is going. It was pretty much how I felt when I first pressed the old Blogger publish button over a decade ago.

There are some decent thoughts from @DaveWiner over here.

I've overshot the word count.


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