Linky Link

This is refreshing - BIG media not only acknowledging the source of a story, but also adding a link.

Ignoring the meat on the bone (if indeed it is ever possible to overlook crude sexism) and it shows willing from The Graun to move towards the modern interweb ethos of share and share alike.

Linkage is still the backbone propping up all of this brave new world frontier. Without offering your audience an alternative then you may as well go back to a secular form of blinkered old school publishing.

I've argued passionately to pals for many years now about the social currency of online links. Sure, we're never going to get payment from BIG media when they lift our stories, but a link back to a hyperlocal at least shows some willing.

For The Graun to share the source of their re-hashed story is encouraging.

The modern interweb was sold to me back in the dotcom days as a platform that would level out publishing.

This was twaddle of course.

BIG media colonised every last outpost of those pre-2.0 gold rush days. Even blogs - the last bastion of bedroom publishing - got gobbled up and re-packaged by BIG media crap.

Comment is Free, etc...

But tap, tap, tapping away and getting those links into BIG media stories could be the start of re-addressing the balance.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 2:00 PM. This aggression will not stand.