This hasn't happened to me for the best part of two decades - I'm actually feared with dread thinking about what happens now that the football season has finished. #ForFutureFootball and Dulwich Hamlet have got a lot to answer for. I even went to watch Wivenhoe Town last weekend...

The past nine months or so down at the Dulwich have been pretty special. I initially resisted the lure to return following my five year sabbatical. Memories of BAD football, BAD facilities and the atmosphere of a morgue remained.

But then something happened down in SE22.

You can't accuse Uncle Wolfie of being a one-man #ForFutureFootball force for change, but this blog post from back in 2011 is particularly prophetic:

"What if even a fraction of London’s disenchanted or disempowered football fans went en masse to a club like Dulwich Hamlet? 250 could double an average attendance. We could transform a club. We could make an ignored non-league match THE ritual to be at in this stinking choiceforesaken city."

Job's a good un?

The pink 'n' blue army swelled to over 1,000 for the final home game of the season against Kingstonian. We failed to make the play-offs by a single point, but we had already won the moral victory.

Notice how I say we.

Like I say - this hasn't happened to me for the best part of two decades.

What I have absolutely loved down at the Dulwich this season has been the coming together of the tribes. My entire Transpontine life over the past two decades has met up and celebrated the #ForFutureFootball cause. Old school Rabble folk, political Comrades, lido folk, school kids from the day job.

Football is the new clubbing. It's no surprise that my monthly social HDIF catch ups with @darryl1974 have now been replaced with fortnightly Dulwich social gatherings.

And so where to next for the Dulwich?

Despite the revolutionary resurgence, this is still very much a time for transition. The team is reliant upon Manager Gavin Rose and his future plans. Off the pitch and new owners Hadley are (so far) saying all the right things.

You can't undergo such a massive period of #ForFutureFootball growth and not lose something of the anarchic spirit that makes this South London club so special. Regualr attendances of 1,000 plus next season will possibly dilute the experience; they may even just liven it up further.

The fan base is getting organised, both politically and socially. A work in progress is dulwichhamlet.org, with Mike helping to share the online / offline love that we have the club.

And so a summer of Surrey Cricket watching awaits.

Pre-season project: mobilise the Peter May pissheads?


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